The role of the Accountability and Engagement Committee is:

  • to oversee the ongoing development and implementation of a strategic performance management system with a particular focus on the measurement and public reporting of results;
  • to oversee the ongoing development and implementation of an engagement strategy to ensure that residents and stakeholders are informed and engaged in decision making;
  • to oversee the legislative function of the town including conducting periodic reviews of bylaws and legislation and making recommendations for changes and enforcement;
  • to develop and enhance partnerships with individuals, organizations, corporations and governments to improve accountability, transparency and engagement; and
  • to provide advice to council on matters of accountability, transparency and engagement.

Committee Members

  • Chair - Councillor Steve Ogden
  • Vice-Chair - Councillor Gail MacDonald
  • Juliana MacEwen
  • Naomi Milner
  • Rachel Paterson
  • Zachary Tweel
  • John Walker