Aintree Drive

Alexandra Court

This street is in an area which as formerly in Alexandra.

Anne Crescent

Appledore Lane

Aptos Drive

Aspin Crescent

Named after Jason Aspin one of the owners of the subdivision and a co-developer.

Avalon Court

Away Lane

Aylward Drive

Balmoral Drive

Barkley Avenue

Battery Point Drive

Bayside Drive

Beacon Hill Drive

Bellevue Road

Birch Woods Lane

Clifton Farm Inc. submitted an application to subdivide parcel No. 688209 located between the Mason Road and Duffy Road and currently zoned R1 (Single Family Residential).   The total area of the proposed subdivision is approximately 45 acres and the developer is proposing to create 111 new Single Family Residential lots and dedicate 4.5 acres to the Town to meet the Development bylaw requirement on parkland and open space. 

 Council granted preliminary approval to Clifton Farm Inc. (Alan Mason)  proposal to subdivide parcel no. 688209 to create 111 new single family lots.

On January 29, 2014 final approval for the first phase (29 lots) was approved by the Town.

Birch Woods Lane

Bonavista Avenue

Brandy Lane

Brookside Drive

Browns Drive

Bunbury Road

Burge Lane

Named after Dr. Frank Burge whose family cottage was located at the shore end o the Lane.

Cable Court

Named after Cable Tower

Callaway Close

Campbell Drive

Cardiff Lane

Carole Drive

Carriage Lane

Carrington Road

Celtic Lane

Chelsea Lane

Cherry Lane

Clearview Drive

Clifton Road

Clinton Avenue

Named after Art Clinton former owner of the property.

Connolly Lane

Cottage Lane

Cove Road

Creekside Drive

Crestwood Avenue

Dairy Lane

Dale Drive

Demshire Terrace

Dewar Drive

Named after
Dewar MacDonald, who built most of the homes in Reeves Estates.

Donegal Lane

Dorothy Avenue

Names after Mrs. Dorothy Lantz, who owned the subdivision land.

Duck's Landing

Duffy Road

Duncan Avenue

Name after Duncan House.

Earl Drive

East River Drive

Edgehill Terrace

Edgeview Court

Edies Way

Names after Mrs. Edie Beaton, wife of Earl Beaton, owners of the land, later developed as Strawberry Hill.

Elderberry Lane

Elizabeth Crescent

Emmalee Drive

Named after Mrs. Emma Rogerson and Mr. Lee Rogerson owners of the subdivision.

Fairfax Drive

Falcon Avenue

Farmhouse Lane

Ferguson Drive

Foxwood Lane

Front Beach Lane

Galway Court

Garden Lane

Georgetown Road

Glen Stewart Drive

Named after the new school.

Glencheff Camp Road

Named after Dr. Tudor Gencheff after whom the camp was named.



Glencove Drive

Golf View Drive

Gordon Gay Drive

Named after Gordon “Bus” Gay a well know longtime resident in that area.

Govenors Lane

Greensview Drive

Harbourview Drive

Harlandview Drive

Harvest Drive

Haszard Point Lane

Hatheway Drive

Following a tradition of using Shakespeare names on some town streets.

Henry Lane

Heron Drive

Hillview Drive

Holland Drive

Hollis Avenue

Names after Hollis Jenkins from whom the town purchased his land for the Stratford Business Park.

Hopeton Road

Horton Drive

Humphrey Drive

Names after Beatrice Humphrey the owner of the subdivision, she is the daughter of Lloyd Jenkins.

Isleview Drive

Jane Crescent

Named after Jane Reeves Smith subdivision owners daughter.

Jenkins Avenue

Named after Lloyd Jenkins the owner of the lands at the time of subdivision.

John Hamilton Drive

Named after one of the Fathers of Confederation

Johnson Drive

Jubilee Drive

Named in honor of the Queens Jubilee.

Kennedy Road

Named after the Kennedy family – Earl then Dr. Ralph.

Keppoch Road

Kinlock Road

Langely Road

Lantz Drive

Named after owner of the subdivision Mrs. Dorothy Lantz.

Larkspur Street

Laura Lane

Named after Mrs. Laura MacPhail who lived and likely owned the surrounding land.

Ledwell Lane

Liam Drive

Lighthouse Lane

Lily Court

Lobster Point Lane

Lower Gate Lane

Lupin Lane

MacBeth Court

Following the tradition of using Shakespeare’s characters on street names.

Macdonald Road

Macintosh Drive

The subdivison owned by Malcolm Reeves, was formerly an apple orchard – a type of grown there.

Mackinnon Drive

Named after Richard Douglas “Dick” MacKinnon, husband of Faye.

Maclauchlan Drive

Macneill Crescent

MacPherson Avenue

MacRae Drive

Marion Drive

Marjorie Crescent

Martindale Cres.

Named after a farmer (Martin) owner of the lands now comprising Strawberry Lane.

Mason Road

Matwood Drive

Meadowview Drive

Michael Thomas Way

Named after Michael Thomas, who lived near there.


Millbrook Drive

Named after Millbrook House – owned by the Rogersons.

Millennium Drive

Named by the Subdivision owners at the time of the new century arriving

Mitchell Drive

Mount Herbert Road

Mourning Dove Lane

Mullaghmore Drive

Mutch Drive

Myrtle Street

Named after Myrtle Jenkins, wife of Hollis Jenkins the owner of the land that was sold to the Stratford Business Park.

Nightingale Drive

Nottinghill Drive

Orchard Drive

The subdivision used to be an apple orchard.

Owen Lane

Paget Crescent

Park Lane

Partridge Lane

Pembroke Crescent

Picton Beete Crescent

Pinehill Drive

Pondside Court

Prospect Drive

Quiet Water Drive

Radcliffe Drive

Rankin Drive

Red Rock Lane

A well know resident in the area Bill Rix lived in the area and owned a brewery which produced Red Rock Ale.

Reddin Heights

Named after the Reddin family who owned the land.

Reeves Boulevard

Named after Malcolm Reeves owner of the land which later became Reeves Subdivision.

Rodgerson Crescent

Rosebank Road

Saint George Crescent

Saints Crescent

Named after Jack Saint owner of some of the lands in the Kinlock Creek Subdivision.

Sandpiper Lane

Sandy Cove Lane

Scantlebury Lane

Scotiaview Heights

Shakespeare Drive

One of the streets named after Mr. Shakespeare and characters from his plan.

Sheppard Drive

Shore Drive

Silver Fox Lane

Skye Lane

Somerset Place

Southampton Drive

Southport Drive

Spindrift Lane

Spinnaker Drive

Spring Drive

Spruce Lane

Squire Lane

Named after Squire McCarron owner of lands in the area.

St. Catherines Avenue

Named by Bryer Jones, owner of the subdivision.

St. John Avenue

The street name came from a seniors rental apartment building owned by St. John Ambulance, which is located on the street.

Stagman Way

Starling Crescent

Stewart Avenue

Stonington Boulevard

Stratford Road

Main street in the Town and the name goes back in history to 1850 – 1860 or earlier.

Strathearn Lane

Strawberry Lane

Named after the area which was designated in the 1880 Atlas as Strawberry Lane.

Summer Drive

Sundance Lane

Sunnyside Drive

Sunset Drive

Swallow Drive

Tanton Drive

Towerwood Drive

The TV Tower adjacent to the road has something to do with the name and the tower is located in the woods.

Trillium Terrace

Trout Point Lane

Tuckers Way

Upper Tea Hill Crescent

Valley Drive

Victoria View Lane

Warwick Place

Waterview Road

Westgate Avenue

Williams Gate

Windsor Dr

Winjoe Drive

The street name is a combination of the names of two of the Rogerson girls.

Woodlane Drive

Wren Drive

Zakem Heights

Named after Albert Zakem who subdivided most of the land in that area.

Zakem Heights

Zakem Heights

Date of Construction:
Construction Methods:
Exterior Condition:
Historical Context:

Zakem Heights

name origin:

The street is named after the owner of the subdivision, FRank and Joe Zakem.


development history


From Rosebank Rd off Keppoch Rd.

longitude: -63.108387 latitude: 46.212462

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