Bylaws are laws that are enacted by Council through the approval of two readings of the Bylaw at meetings held on different days. Below is a complete list of Stratford’s bylaws.

For information about Bylaw Enforcement please visit the Bylaw Enforcement Page.

Bylaw # 1 - General Business
The General Business Bylaw establishes rules for the conduct of the business of the Town and sets out the responsibilities of various Town Officials.

Bylaw # 2 - Conflict of Interest Bylaw
The Conflict of Interest Bylaw defines conflict of interest and identifies situations which are deemed to be a conflict of interest for Town officials.

Bylaw # 3 - Remuneration Bylaw
The Remuneration Bylaw sets out the remuneration that the Mayor and Council are to receive for the discharge of their duties.

Bylaw # 4 - Borrowing Bylaw
The Borrowing Bylaw authorizes Council to borrow money, pledge debt and secure interest in property.

Bylaw # 13 - Emergency Measures Bylaw
The Emergency Measures Bylaw establishes the Stratford Emergency Measures Organization and prescribes the duties and powers of the organization and the duties of the officials involved in the organization.

Bylaw # 21 - Water and Sewer Customer Service Regulations Bylaw
The Water and Sewer Customer Service Regulations Bylaw sets the terms and conditions of service to customers of the Stratford Utility Corporation.

Bylaw # 22 - Dangerous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw
The Dangerous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw defines and regulates “unsightly property” and what a “dangerous buildings” in Stratford.

Bylaw # 26 - Animal Control Bylaw
The Animal Control Bylaw regulates animals in the Town of Stratford and, in particular, prescribes for the provision of needs, the licensing and control of dogs and the prohibition of classes of animals in residential areas or in all areas of the Town.

Bylaw # 28 - Water and Sewer Mandatory Connection Bylaw
The Water and Sewer Mandatory Connection Bylaw establishes the requirement for properties to be connected to the municipal water and sewer system where service is provided unless specifically exempted in the bylaw.

Bylaw #30 - Noise and Nuisance Bylaw 
The Noise and Nuisance Bylaw defines and prohibits activities that would be a nuisance, bans open burning and sets curfews in the Town.

Bylaw # 31 - Election Bylaw
The Elections Bylaw regulates the conduct of municipal elections in Stratford which are held every four years with the next election slated for November 2010.

Bylaw # 31A - Bylaw to Amend the Elections Bylaw, Bylaw # 31
Bylaw 31A is an amendment to Bylaw 31, the Election Bylaw.

Bylaw # 32 - Building Bylaw
A Bylaw relating to the establishment of the Special and Standing Committees of the Council of the Town of Stratford and to the establishment of the Stratford Utility Corporation.

Bylaw #33 - Stratford Committee Bylaw
The Committee Bylaw establishes a number of standing and special committees, that include resident members, to provide advice to Council and help to deliver town programs.

Bylaw #34 - Summary Proceedings Bylaw
The Summary Proceedings Bylaw allows the Town of Stratford to issue tickets for summary offences against the the Noise and Nuisance Bylaw; the Dangerous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw; and the Animal Control Bylaw.

Bylaw # 35 - Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw
The Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw works within the authority provided by the provincial government to municipalities to regulate the application of Non-Domestic Pesticides for the control of landscape pests.

Bylaw #36 - Council Remuneration Bylaw
A bylaw relating to remuneration and expenses of the Mayor and members of the Council of the Town of Stratford.

Bylaw #37 - Tax Rate Group Bylaw
A bylaw to enable the application of different tax rates for different properties (ie: commercial vs. non-commercial rates).  

Bylaw #38 - Grants and Donations Bylaw
A bylaw which enables the Town of Stratford to provide grants, donations, municipal property tax rebates or in-kind contributions to organizations or individuals.

Bylaw #39 - Fees Bylaw
A bylaw required for the Town to charge fees for licenses, permits, programs, facility rentals and other matters, and applies to any person or organization upon whom a fee is imposed under this bylaw.

Bylaw #40  - Borrowing Bylaw
A bylaw required by the new Municipal Government Act to enable short and long term borrowing by the Town of Stratford.

Bylaw #41 - Reserve Bylaw
A bylaw required to allow Council the ability to set aside money for a specific purpose.  

Bylaw #42 - Smoke Free Bylaw
A bylaw on smoking restrictions for the health, safety, and welfare of residents.

Bylaw #43 - Election Bylaw
The majority of the provisions for the conduct of municipal elections are now contained within the new Muncipal Government Act however municipalities have discretion to set their own rules around items including advance polling, alternative voting methods and campaign spending and donation limits. The Election Bylaw was drafted in partnership with Charlottetown, Summerside, Cornwall and Elections PEI, who administers the elections in the four large municipalities, to establish the discretionary rules and procedures for municipal elections in the Town of Stratford.

Bylaw #44 - Open Government Bylaw
This bylaw sees the Town of Stratford adopt an open by default approach and assists the Town in meeting its requirements under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act which is effective as of April 1, 2019.

Bylaw # 45 - Zoning and Development Bylaw
The Zoning and Development Bylaw stipulates what uses are allowed on parcels of land within the town and it also stipulates what the rules are governing the subdivision and development of property in the town.